Sommer: Spaß & Gefahren für den Hund

Summer: fun and dangers for the dog

Summer is here! We are more in nature again and so are our four-legged friends.

The warm weather can be a lot of fun, but the heat can also cause serious problems for our dogs!
In this blog we give you tips and tricks on how to get through the summer with your dog .

1.) Fresh water! This is probably the most important thing for a dog who wants to play in the heat! Therefore, make sure that wherever your dog plays, there is a bowl of fresh water nearby! Unfortunately, dogs cannot regulate their temperature like humans. Therefore, please avoid strenuous exercise on very hot days.
2.) NEVER leave your dog in the car! Cars get much hotter in the summer than outside temperatures. At 24°C outdoors, it can already be 40-50°C hot in the car. Now, if your dog is locked in the car, it can lead to heat stroke and death. Even with the windows open, temperatures rise in the car!
3.) Sidewalks get very HOT in summer! Here's a simple rule: If you can't walk barefoot on the sidewalk, your dog should don't do either! Concrete, especially dark concrete, retains heat extremely well. As a result, the pavement is even hotter than the outside temperature. This can lead to burned, cracked and sore paws!
4.) Watch out for heat stroke! It is important to recognize the symptoms quickly. These include: excessive panting and drooling, lethargy and/or vomiting. If these symptoms appear outside on a hot day, take your dog to the vet immediately.

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