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Everything for puppies

One of the most common questions we get asked is "I'm getting a puppy - what should I buy?"

Acquiring a new puppy is always exciting! However, it can also get a little hectic preparing for the puppy's arrival. We've put together a list of essential puppy items so you can prepare for the arrival of your new best friend!

Basic things for walks

Collar, Harness

The basic equipment for a walk should be right for a puppy from the start. Negative experiences, like a collar that's too tight or a harness that's too big, can reduce your dog's acceptance of these basic things.

Whether it's a long walk or just a quick trip outside, Fellever & Paways have a variety of items to choose from. It is important that our collars and harnesses are adjustable in size. Since puppies grow quickly, you have some leeway here and can use our products even if the pup is a bit bigger.

Our stylish collars are already available from size XS.

For puppies, however, we recommend a harness, as these harnesses are soft and provide optimal comfort to fit your pup comfortably.

All our harnesses are available in sizes XXS - L. They should therefore also fit the smallest puppies!


Regarding leashes, like most dog trainers, we recommend a standard leash over a flex leash. With so-called flexi or retractable leashes, walking loosely on the leash can be a little more difficult, since the length of the leash is constantly changing and your dog cannot adjust to it exactly. In addition, it unfortunately happens again and again that flexible leashes become a tripping hazard.

Our leashes are 1.50m long and 2cm wide and they have a metal ring to attach our poop bag dispenser.

poop bag dispenser

Do you like to carry your toilet paper with you in public? No? So that you don't have to carry loose poop bags with you in your trouser and jacket pockets, we have the Fellever & Paways poop bag dispenser in our range. Each donor comes with a roll of poop bags to use to clean up your pet's poop.

Drinking bowl/feeding bowl

The basic equipment also includes a drinking bowl and a feeding bowl. There are different materials and sizes. Make sure that the bowl cannot easily slip on the floor to make it easier for your darling to eat.

dog bed/dog basket

Here the decision is entirely up to you.

Your darling will definitely feel comfortable in an already upholstered dog bed. A dog basket should definitely be provided with a blanket and possibly a pillow. Should the lying area also be sufficient for your adult dog? Then you should make sure that your dog can always stretch out.

Also make sure everything is washable. Especially with puppies you have to reckon with one or the other “mishap”.

But you should rather avoid wooden dog baskets, as puppies chew on them and can choke and injure themselves.


Of course, the puppy's initial equipment also includes toys.

Pups can play with it, chew on it, or practice commands like bring.

This promotes movement, keeps them busy and can soothe their hunting instincts. However, since puppies still have very sharp teeth, we recommend that you avoid cheap plastic toys. It can break quickly.

Coat care

It is very important to get your little four-legged friend used to daily grooming early on. Depending on the breed and coat structure, a dog needs more or less grooming. A care glove is often sufficient, but usually a brush and/or comb should be used. Also, make sure you use a mild puppy shampoo and don't use human shampoos.


Please consult the breeder or your veterinarian. There are dedicated junior and puppy products that contain the nutrients needed for your pet's growth and health. In case of intolerance, your veterinarian offers good food alternatives.

Dedication and patience 💕

It is also important to have a puppy, it requires patience and understanding! Remember that the little ones are still learning and want to make their new owners happy!

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